Tuesday, February 8, 2011

wingy wingy

i hate 

 - sitting in doccies office waiting to be seen
 - finding out i need to get my eyes checked
 - finding out i need to undergo jaw ' physio ' to strengthen the tendens and joints cos they're all over the place.. clickity click.
 - being put on anti inflamitories!
 - being stuck in a hot room with 10 other people breathing in there carbon dioxide. yummy
 - driving and my vision decides to muck round, hello blind spots.
 - dad waking me to early yelling at me to get up with a 4 day old head ache.
 - realising i'll still be on anti inflamitories on my birthday... the box said if this product is taken with alcohol i'll get liver problems. stuff it, i'll get liver problems anyways! i'll be turning 18 after all!

i love..
 - mummy driving me home from doctors after she took me to lunch. where i indulged on a beautiful sandwich
 - salami, semi dried tomatos, pesto mayo, salad and red onion sandwich! delicious!
 - getting treated like a queen because im sick
 - finding out im gonna be working at the superbikes this month!
 - planning yummy dinners with family for my birthday.
 - planning yummy drinkings with family for my birthday.
 - texting tim all the time because we have free texts to eachother ( and calls, which may be the sourse of my head aches...) virgin mobile i love you genius!
 - pretty shoes, obviously!
 - mummy taking care of me, letting me have naps!

for my birthday i want a shoe wardrobe cooler then this one,
its mariah careys. the crazy shoe hoarder! :D
i am insaaanely jealous!

and a beautiful wardrobe like this

andddd i want these in my birthday dinner :D

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