Saturday, February 19, 2011

night markets and fairy floss.

 yay to bad quality photos and fairy floss (:

tonight i was a bit cold so i wore this beautiful dress..
with leggings, my favorite suede booties, and a grey skarf with a leather jacket!
(: i was toasty!

Pink fairy floss is my favorite thing in the world! if i had to quote juno, which i feel like doing it's my "one and only vice"..but it isn't, i like shopping, and roast lamb, and banana bread! (: i bought nothing at the markets but food.. and i finally decided to taste some calamari.. not one of my 'vices' not one of my anythings, i don't think i like it, i like the outside, but not the rubbery texture of the calamari itself!
thats about it! (:
sorry i haven't been blogging as of late! busy with family! (:

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