Friday, February 11, 2011

Save Ferris

if anyone can recognise this! its from brisbane, in the south bank area, i am not sure after the disaster that happened up there if it is still as beautiful as it is in this picture! but i hope it is! i took this at the beginning of my schoolies experience, laura and i started in sydney, spent our first night in sydney at her sisters before departing the next morning to melbourne, where we stayed there over night, then departed for surfers, the ultimate Schoolies destination! after 5 nights of non stop partying on the beach! because we weren't allowed into clubs, and making friends we wouldn't remember the next day, or at least trying. laura and i spent $10 bucks on hot chips in hopes that it will make people want to sit and eat them with us because we were bored and wanted friends, needless to say. laura and i sat on the beach and ate them alone! saturday and sunday nights were spend in brisbane before returning to our homes on monday! 
I arrived home to find my parents packing.. tim came home with me, he picked me up from the train station! mum was more excited to see my boyfriend then she was to see me! I was pretty devistated! 

i would also like to take this chance to wish all queenslanders luck in rebuilding their lives, you have my good wishs! i hope the weather is in your favor the next coming years! you have mine and the rest of australias support!

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