Saturday, February 26, 2011

todays likes and dislikes and adventures (:

Likes - 
         i like those little packets of M&Ms
         finding out i've sold more programs then anyone that weekend.
         finding out the programs were up this year compared to last year because i sold stacks of progrms.
         hearing and watching the first and second superbike world championships.
         seeing craig lownes and then gary mehigan from masterchef (: 
         the friendly event staff and security guards at the world superbike races this weekend (: thanks for an amazing experience and i'll hopefully see you next time! (: 

Dislikes - 
        the girls who run around in heels and short dresses at the races.. listen sweety, you fake tan is gross and its obvious you can't walk in those heels. so maybe its time to move one. 
       the girl who runs around in heels and short dresses at the races giving me the disapproving look because im standing there in a polo and tights and runners and a bumbag! selling programs. seriously..?
      seeing people chew with their mouths wide open like a cow, no i don't wanna see what you're eating please close your mouth before  the farmer comes to find the cow that ran away! seriously its a bad look.. 
      people invading personal space. i understand there mightn't be alot of room in the expo shed with all these people around, but it does not mean you have to rub chests with me thank you! 
      this one lady! i asked her if she wanted a program, she rudely snapped no. then i saw her again and forgot who she was and smilled and said hi. and she was like i said no! then i remembered, then i saw her again and just smiled hoping she won't be rude, and she rolled her eyes and was like pfft!! i felt so upset after that! i was only doing my job, and i have been staring at faces all day! i'm soooorry i didn't remember you lady! i tend to not want to remember rude people! 
      and finally, to the chap who decided to tell me off while i was working in the ticket box for not giving him his wrist band! listen, i know how it gets busy at the gate and people miss the SBK BAR on the ticket because they're trying to get people through! but it is not my fault! i don't  know who has this special ticket, and im not gonna wave people down from the ticket box, it is your and the gate staff to send you over here! they might be to busy to realise! so do not yell at me about you having to walk to find us again!and don't guilt trip me into telling me about a 80 year old man who has to walk over here to get his wrist band either! 
       okay, i just don't like rude people. but you have to patiently sit there and wait for them to have a rant before calmly explaining the situation and what they have to do. until you get yelled at again! then it is understandable if you blow up just a little bit! 

thats all! sorry about my rant about my crazy people at the gates....

i shall tell you more stories though...

this one guy made a fuss about not being able to go to the visitors centre.. it is closed during events.. the cops got called because he was swearing and causing trouble..
he comes back after being spotted taking a used ticket of someone and tried to use it at my gate! he swore his head off and went back to his car. cops got called once again and he sped off in a rage because he couldn't use a used school student ticket to get into a race. 

another lady yelled at me because i had to give her a pass out stamp which means if people are wanting to leave then come back, they must get a stamp and show their ticket to prevent anybody passing over tickets to people who haven't paid using a used ticket.. she yelled at me saying ' i do not see the point of this stupidity this is ridiculous i have my ticket this is all i need.'  i said "no we need to make sure there are no passing out of old tickets to people so they can sneak in" and she started swearing at me. she comes back and i ask, may i please see your ticket. she shows me the stamp. im like yes but i need to see the ticket aswell to make sure you haven't given it out, once again more swearing and she stormed off. 

   as much as i loved working in the superbike races, the people got to me after a while, they were so rude and sometimes inconsiderate of the security as they had to check bags for glass and alcohol, asking why they had to check. one person said it was a breach of personal space or something! 
i am excited to go back because although the people were sometimes difficult to deal with, you had alot of lovely people who made it all worth while. like seeing a little kid run ahead of his mother presenting to ride a motorbike and making bike noises. he was adorable! 

what did you get up to this weekend? 
anything exciting? 
want to share the worst customer or patron experience you've had? 
or the nicest? 

adios amigos! 

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