Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Random pictures from my adventures

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Monday, October 17, 2011

whats your A-Z

A. Age: Eighteen.
B. Bed size: Single, On the Floor.. :/
C. Chore that you hate: Toilet.
D. Dogs: Labrador called Sooty, he lived in my parents house.
E. Essential start to your day: SHOWER
F. Favorite color: :/ Purple for everyday. for clothes, Black, White, Cream, Light brown, Navy, you know the sort.
G. Gold or Silver: ....Silver..
H. Height: Tall ish. (:
I. Instruments you play: Badly? Piano, Flute, Bass Guitar.
J. Job title: Retail Assistant.
K. Kids:... can't aye.
L. Live: Sydney.
M. Mother’s name: Katherine.
N. Nicknames: Izzie. Simple (:
O. Overnight hospital stays:Nope, Only the one time I got my head smashed in by a light at the pub.
P. Pet peeves:  People who judge people on appearances, people who fold clothes.. usually this would be good, but its when they fold it wrong AND CLEARLY ITS WRONG! look if you're gonna fold it.. do it right?
Q. Quote from a movie:  "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around for a moment you might miss it" Ferris Bueller
R. Right or left handed: Left.
S. Siblings: Two brothers (:
U. Underwear: Any that are comfy.
V. Vegetable you hate: .... i don't think i hate a vegetable..
W. What makes you run late: LATE BUS'S!
X. X-Rays you’ve had: Teeth! I had a ultrasound once.. does that cound?.
Y. Yummy food that you make: PASTA
Z. Zoo animal: Elephants (: make me smile.

why don't you?

 - dress up in your sexiest undies and bra, put your favorite lipstick on. and pamper yourself.
 - play dress ups. light some candles, put some tunes on, and jump into your wardrobe. find the clothes you forgot you had.

 - take a trip to vinnies. you never know what you can find in there.

- totally rearrange and reorganise your room! i did this today, can rest easy.

- call your mum. or father? how about your sibling?

- get a pretty lace top and hang it near your lamp.

- watch an 80's movie cuddled up to your significant other.

- Drink a glass of coke, with ice? and lime?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Today and yesterday adventures :

CoExist Shoes, cotton on skirt singlet and lace crop to.. my necklace i got 4 years ago in newzealand! :D
I got tattoos yesterdaaaay.
how have you been my lovely.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Does age mean you'll have a lasting relationship?

If not, why do I have people coming up to me saying my "relationship" is cute, but will not last?
Is there something about being 18 mean that any relationship you have will not last beyond a year?

I have friends who have been with their boyfriends for over 2 years.
and when I was 16, my friend was about to celebrate her 4 year! Keeping in mind then, the guy was a douche and turned out to be not to faithful! Needless to say I hate him.

Tell me this, does a lack of prior relationships, experience and sex make it less likely for a relationship between the ages of 15-20 to last?

I moved away December 2010 to Melbourne. A good 9-12 hours drive from my boyfriend, we'd only been together for about 3 months! I moved to Sydney in June 2011 to be with him.. We've been together for about 10 months!? I was away for 6? So what about my relationship says "you will not work" because we're trying out hardest to work!

To be honest, I'm just sick of adults ( over 21 ) to say that my relationship is BENEATH theirs, that it doesn't mean anything or it will not work! Maybe your relationships didn't work in the past because you thought it didn't mean anything?

Timothy is my boyfriend, he's also my best friend, we've been bestfriends a while longer then we've been together. We've done some stupid stuff together during this time! I moved to be with him because he makes me happy, he makes me laugh like no-one can and at the sam e time he makes me want to tackle him because he's an idiot. It's safe to say that I love that boy!?

So tell me ladies, or gents, why won't we work?

Watching Sex and the City

I'm watching Sex and the city, sitting on my crappy couch watching a massive panasonic TV. Why can't I have a life filled with amazing shoes, great parties, good food, delicious clothes and lots of sex?
WHY? Because I'm broke, broke, broke, BROKE BROKE! and I have a boyfriend.
But, I do have alright healthy food, have amazing friends, clothes that will LAST me forever because I have the basics?

So, does basics, a boyfriend and a noodle budget is the uni students version of Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda?  I hope so! That would be a great great life!

What is your equivilannt to you sex and the city life? Whats your little bit of "fabulous"?

Mine are a pair of HIGH booties! I feel amazing in them. Sexy and confident.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Bows.

 my outfit for yesterday.
dress is from billabong.
poncho is Aquabella.
shoes are target.
cardi is from just jeans
and my two scarves are from sportgirl and cotton on... all items shown in this live in my closet (:
 bow is made by my hands.. my face was made by my mother and my father.. and it's proudly being coloured in by assorted makeup brands/
 close up on hair bow (:
 my new additions to the list (:
 i sent off some bows to my friends... this is one of them. she took a picture for me! (: thanks nat! (:
mine (:

Thursday, May 12, 2011


im gonna be in the process of getting my hair this shade SOOOON!

love it or hate it! i reckon bandanas are gonna be a hit this winter.. summer. year! what ever!
wear them!
i stole mine off my bro!

Working in a poncho.. how can you be sad?

well.. easily.. i wasn' allowed to knit or draw...
preetty miserable..
heres some pics to cheer your cold feets up...
hows the weather?

two pairs of tights, socks, booties, a skirt, a singlet, a long sleeve top, a poncho, a cardi, and two scarves...
still cold!

tim came to melbourne did i tell you!? we went to a lovely little photo booth and took corny photos..
i will not turtor with gross photos like above every again! but cute huh? ;)
knitting is an in thing! its decided!

izzie out! x

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Today Today.. Wooly Adventures./

 bye the end of this post you will be sick of looking at my face!

This is a cardi my brothers girlfriend, Johanna! gave to me! (: I love it so much! It's huge! And rather cosy..

 This is a woolen sweater I bought for $7! It's colourful and makes me want to chuck it out! but i love it!

Finally. this is a bow i made!  it goes in your hair. what do you think? cute?

No sheep were hurt in the making of this wooly post..
they might be a little cold in winter though!


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

its been a while

sorry i been abandoning you! ...

but i've been working and stuff and tumblrs taken up my time!

tis my poncho cape. and my brothers bandana.. and my fat lady top! (: how can you be unhappy! (:

Friday, March 18, 2011

Question And Answer

I want to know something. So im gonna do a non-scientifically proven quiz!
i wanna know if im the only person who feels this way when i put on shoes. my whole attitude changes and i feel more comfortable, sexy, edgy so on.
so i wanna ask you to fill this form out!

what do you feel when you put on a pair of...
high heels..
ballet flats..
flat ankle boots..
heeled booties..
military boots..
haviana thongs..
converse/vans/runners etc..
normal/thigh high boots..

if you have more pairs of shoes to add onto this quiz add them on when you comment! or if you don't own any of the pairs.. just skip it out..

i'll fill it out right now..

what do you feel when you put on a pair of...
high heels.. sexy and ontop of the world.
ballet flats.. cute and girly and comfortable
wedges.. casual, boho feeling.
flat ankle boots.. ( i don't own a pair of flat ones)
heeled booties.. classy yet edgy.
military boots.. edgy! "i don't get a ****" attitude.
haviana thongs.. lazy, casual, beachin'.
converse/vans/runners etc.. boyfriend jeans day, lazy comfortable day. little bit edgy, or sweaty from a run.
sandles.. cute, summery and casual
normal/thigh high boots.. sexy.

what do you feel?
am i going crazy, do you feel the same or are you different?


new boots. 20 bucks from target.
new jacket. 10 bucks from cotton on.
miss shop singlet dress.
tights, from coooles...
and ring.. some awesome place ;)
i loooove it..

and tim got me the elephant necklace for my birthday (:
wwhat you think?

i spend the secondd half of today chillin out watching 'community' deffo a new fave tv show.
awkward but mildly hilarious!