Sunday, February 20, 2011


I just read on smaggle about signitures, and i thought i would join in!
i think there is nothing wrong with being a bit pridictable! alot of people are creatures of habbit, there is noothing wrong with that. means that when it comes down to it, people know what coffee, perfume, or food you like, so they can buy it with out asking, SUPRISE (:

Smaggle said, "The decisions we make that define us. You may or may not know, although you probably do because I’m so damn cocky about it, but I now drink my coffee black. This amuses Mr Smaggle endlessly and he loves ordering a long black for me. He says I’m his kooky girlfriend, with the crazy hair who drinks long blacks. It made me aware of how these tiny little decisions become character defining, especially when they turn into habits."

so i thought i would join in on the fun and tell you my "signitures"

1. Signature cafe beverage – Latte, Two sugars.
2. Signature dessert flavour – chocolate, vanilla.
3. Signature song (the one you famously cut sick to on the dance floor) –Bigger than Big
4. Signature colour – Black/Cream/White.
5. Signature bar beverage – Considering i just got into the bar scene... i don't really have one, but Wild Berry Double Blacks go alright! (:
6. Signature phrase –  I asked the person who knows me most, Laura to tell me what my signiture phrase is, her response was "you say to much random shit to have a signiture phrase"

Give it a go! (: what are your signitures? 

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