Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Its been a while and I am certain no body really noticed I was never here! I have been tracking through the country side between Wollongong and Sydney I totally forgot about the fact I even HAD a blog. This is sad because last year I had put endless ammounts of hours to tell you about pointless details in my life, details now the rest of facebook gets to read. And to be honest I don't even know why I am typing this.. I guess its because I am really liking the sound of the keyboard as my fingers smash every letter! Or then again, perhaps its that fact I am hoping someone will read this probably my brother. So I will update my life. I work full-time as a retail assistant in a clothing brand. Which I love apart from the gnarly hours and the commute. I am having mini anxiety attacks everyday due to work stresses... I have become a lover of wine, but mostly because its a cheap way to get drunk and dance the night away to crappy tunes with some awesome people. I do not study, I did but couldn't afford the fees and had to drop out.. I wish I could have kept going except my teacher and I didn't really get along. She was a teacher that would avoid questions at all cost. And when she didn't answer them I would. She then started holding me back from doing assignments saying my sewing was below average. Despite passing all the practical assignments with flying colours. She decided I was Not Competent and made me redo some assignments. So because of her lack of ability to teach her class by answering questions saying everything was "irrelevant" I had to help the girls in my glass better understand fabrics because I actually studied for a course you don't have to study for! Egh. She retired shortly after I left. I do intend to continue my education but, Will leave it for a late I live in a small one bedroom unit with my fabulous boyfriend Timothy. This month marks the 2 years of our relationship which come to think of it is getting pretty scary. He is a bed and blanket hog. and tends to use a lot of hot water. And likes my pasta I cook for him! BINGO!! Currently I am sitting at the computer of my parents house, everyone is doing their own thing and Tim his helping dad out. And me? I am way to tired due to blanket and bed hog. I didn't get much sleep last night, the horrid nightmares of some creepy guy breaking into the room didn't help either.... See you later.. maybe in a year kids! (: