Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Bows.

 my outfit for yesterday.
dress is from billabong.
poncho is Aquabella.
shoes are target.
cardi is from just jeans
and my two scarves are from sportgirl and cotton on... all items shown in this live in my closet (:
 bow is made by my hands.. my face was made by my mother and my father.. and it's proudly being coloured in by assorted makeup brands/
 close up on hair bow (:
 my new additions to the list (:
 i sent off some bows to my friends... this is one of them. she took a picture for me! (: thanks nat! (:
mine (:

Thursday, May 12, 2011


im gonna be in the process of getting my hair this shade SOOOON!

love it or hate it! i reckon bandanas are gonna be a hit this winter.. summer. year! what ever!
wear them!
i stole mine off my bro!

Working in a poncho.. how can you be sad?

well.. easily.. i wasn' allowed to knit or draw...
preetty miserable..
heres some pics to cheer your cold feets up...
hows the weather?

two pairs of tights, socks, booties, a skirt, a singlet, a long sleeve top, a poncho, a cardi, and two scarves...
still cold!

tim came to melbourne did i tell you!? we went to a lovely little photo booth and took corny photos..
i will not turtor with gross photos like above every again! but cute huh? ;)
knitting is an in thing! its decided!

izzie out! x