Monday, February 28, 2011

bat wings and glitter.

 i really need to get my camera fixed.
today i went down to the shops.
and yes i wore this.
i seem to want to get more dressed up for random things now. its quite puzzling.
the dress is a 10 dollar dress that i bought at a factory outlet, and i love it.
it had batwing sleeves its delicious! i love the pattern too! (:
the necklace below is one that i stole off mum that i plan on returning cos its special to her and if i lose it... lets just say i doubt i would be blogging ever again! (:

  i love these shoes, they're so comfy!

 last night out of pure boredom and a childish mood,. i painting my nails silver glitter. i really love it cos it reflects the light! (:

i apologise for my mainly hands. but i doubt many males would wear this yum nail polish! stolen also off mum!
this however was returned (:

take the time and interest needed to understand other people. listen to their stories. it will transform the way you behave towards them.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

one dress..

so many ways to wear it, 
its funny that just changing one thing can make the outfit look more clubbing suited, more first date, more dinner with the girls, more sunday picnic.. well i'm not sure if those apply to this dress.. but you get the idea.
 charlie brown blazer thrifted.
dotti dress, thrifted.
slip ( so you don't see my knickers)... i don't know..
stockings from target.
shoes from rubi..

 no blazer.

 no blazer or stockings. and a change of shoes.
grey studded strappy heels - from Gypsy Road on Bong Bong St in Bowral.
 No stockings.


is it sad to say that all but my stockings shoes and underwear excluding slip were from an opshop!
i didn't intend for my blazer to go so well with my new dress it does and i love it! (:

which one do you like the most?

28th Feb 2011.

  my lunch.. lamb slovaki pizza and pepperoni pizza (: YES!
 today, i woke up, had breakfast and did some bits and bobs around my rooms, before driving to salvos for a well deserved opshop! (: when my parents joined me i had half the store in my arms with a grin on my face. i left with a dress 2 slips a pair of silky shorts and a blazer. (:
my mum bought this amazing skirt and jacket set, the jacket fits me perfect but i think she's gonna keep it all to herself! ):
i wore a ts cardigan, my aunty lisa wanted it..
a grey country road top which i got from a magazine, yay for freebies..
Jay Jays black pants (:
and naughty monkey oxfords, which i got for 5 bucks! Bargain!

 oh, and i got glasses now.. i probably should take a better photo, but i'll put it up when i take a decent on of myself...
yeah and im sure you've noticed my camera is still unavaliable.. 

annnd this is what i woke up to this morning! staring at me. like that. it was quite scary!


Opshops are freaking ridiculous! And i wonder if anyone has a clue about the things they're selling becaause i just purchased a beautiful grey blazer from Charlie Brown for $7!
ridiculous! but i am thankful because i therefore can have great brands for little prices!
i tried on a Wayne Cooper Dress, but due to my "curves" it looked like i was smuggling doughnuts, which technically i am..

i also bought an amazing chiffon dotti dress/top (long top, short dress kinda thing) for 5 dollars, realising that if i tried it on you could see my knickers. i looked for a slip, which i found for 2 bucks. i know it may be gross buying a "underwear" from a opshop! but i saved a fair bit of cash cos i needed it from some other dresses i own.

also!!! i would love to recommend a book i am currently reading. "green is the new black" by Tamsin Blanchard. its a " smart inspirations and coolest antifote yet to global warming, this book will show you how to salve you desire and concienve, enjoy the good life in style and look eco fabulous in high heels"

no i don't want you thinking its something a "hippy" would read. clearly, since i am reading it, its not!
it's a handy guide to having style but not costing the earth and rekindling love for old clothes, and opshops! (:

my mother bought it for me for 5 dollars at big w so look out in there! its a great read! its got lots of tips and tricks to revamp your wardrobe and not cost you much money!

READ IT! i know you want to!

how was your weekend been? got any plans for the week?

Saturday, February 26, 2011

todays likes and dislikes and adventures (:

Likes - 
         i like those little packets of M&Ms
         finding out i've sold more programs then anyone that weekend.
         finding out the programs were up this year compared to last year because i sold stacks of progrms.
         hearing and watching the first and second superbike world championships.
         seeing craig lownes and then gary mehigan from masterchef (: 
         the friendly event staff and security guards at the world superbike races this weekend (: thanks for an amazing experience and i'll hopefully see you next time! (: 

Dislikes - 
        the girls who run around in heels and short dresses at the races.. listen sweety, you fake tan is gross and its obvious you can't walk in those heels. so maybe its time to move one. 
       the girl who runs around in heels and short dresses at the races giving me the disapproving look because im standing there in a polo and tights and runners and a bumbag! selling programs. seriously..?
      seeing people chew with their mouths wide open like a cow, no i don't wanna see what you're eating please close your mouth before  the farmer comes to find the cow that ran away! seriously its a bad look.. 
      people invading personal space. i understand there mightn't be alot of room in the expo shed with all these people around, but it does not mean you have to rub chests with me thank you! 
      this one lady! i asked her if she wanted a program, she rudely snapped no. then i saw her again and forgot who she was and smilled and said hi. and she was like i said no! then i remembered, then i saw her again and just smiled hoping she won't be rude, and she rolled her eyes and was like pfft!! i felt so upset after that! i was only doing my job, and i have been staring at faces all day! i'm soooorry i didn't remember you lady! i tend to not want to remember rude people! 
      and finally, to the chap who decided to tell me off while i was working in the ticket box for not giving him his wrist band! listen, i know how it gets busy at the gate and people miss the SBK BAR on the ticket because they're trying to get people through! but it is not my fault! i don't  know who has this special ticket, and im not gonna wave people down from the ticket box, it is your and the gate staff to send you over here! they might be to busy to realise! so do not yell at me about you having to walk to find us again!and don't guilt trip me into telling me about a 80 year old man who has to walk over here to get his wrist band either! 
       okay, i just don't like rude people. but you have to patiently sit there and wait for them to have a rant before calmly explaining the situation and what they have to do. until you get yelled at again! then it is understandable if you blow up just a little bit! 

thats all! sorry about my rant about my crazy people at the gates....

i shall tell you more stories though...

this one guy made a fuss about not being able to go to the visitors centre.. it is closed during events.. the cops got called because he was swearing and causing trouble..
he comes back after being spotted taking a used ticket of someone and tried to use it at my gate! he swore his head off and went back to his car. cops got called once again and he sped off in a rage because he couldn't use a used school student ticket to get into a race. 

another lady yelled at me because i had to give her a pass out stamp which means if people are wanting to leave then come back, they must get a stamp and show their ticket to prevent anybody passing over tickets to people who haven't paid using a used ticket.. she yelled at me saying ' i do not see the point of this stupidity this is ridiculous i have my ticket this is all i need.'  i said "no we need to make sure there are no passing out of old tickets to people so they can sneak in" and she started swearing at me. she comes back and i ask, may i please see your ticket. she shows me the stamp. im like yes but i need to see the ticket aswell to make sure you haven't given it out, once again more swearing and she stormed off. 

   as much as i loved working in the superbike races, the people got to me after a while, they were so rude and sometimes inconsiderate of the security as they had to check bags for glass and alcohol, asking why they had to check. one person said it was a breach of personal space or something! 
i am excited to go back because although the people were sometimes difficult to deal with, you had alot of lovely people who made it all worth while. like seeing a little kid run ahead of his mother presenting to ride a motorbike and making bike noises. he was adorable! 

what did you get up to this weekend? 
anything exciting? 
want to share the worst customer or patron experience you've had? 
or the nicest? 

adios amigos! 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

i do not own these images, i don't remember where i got them from, but thank them for me! i love these pictures

don't cry over spilt milk..

which i didn't actually do! it was cream.. it fell out of the fridge and onto the floor and onto my NEW tights, which i only just put on.. great!
the dog decided to help himself.. before i could get to clean it up.. i hope he doesn't get sick!

the main reason i wanted to do a post, is because!
i just got these tie dyed tights, which i have no idea how to wear!

i would love people to email! or comment below because i would absolutely love some ideas of yours! don't be shyy! (:

Monday, February 21, 2011

5 minutes.

i seem to have an uncanny knack of looking dreadful in pictures.. 

 soorry once again! this is my phones fault! my camera is otherwise occupied by being crap!
this is my 5 minute crap-i'm-gonna-be-late outfit..
my dad ran into my room and said we have 5 minutes before we go out!

and this was after i went for a run, so obviously i looked disgustting and had to have a shower..
so this is what i look like when i have a shower and look in my wardrobe while smeering foundation all over my face and finish the makeup in the car.. i'm not sure how i feel about it.. but i don't care!
i wore a top i found in TS, a shop mum goes into, it was in the factory outlet so it was dirt cheap i felt as thought i was stealing it.
these are coles tights.. which i just threw out cos they had 100 holes because i used to wear them at school, and to the odd party or two.
and those are really old shoes, that are probably one of my most expensive shoes in my wardrobe. lucky because i wear them all the time!

a funny story about those shoes is i had them in my bag at schoolies, and while i was on the beach i only found one in my bag! so i was freaking out thinking i just lost my shoe! and was digging around the beach looking for them swearing at tim cos he said i could by a new pair! and almost cried.
the next night, i found it in my hotel room. needless to say i felt like a right twat digging in the beach! (:
i've learnt my lesson to never take good shoes to somewhere you could potentially lose them! (:


my friend convinced me to do this quiz post thing, since i did my signitures i thought why not?
and since i am going nowhere today and i won't have a outfit post for a while.
here you go, there is something better, you get to know about me!

Name:  Isabella
Nickname(s): izzie
Age: eighteen.
Birthday: 13 / 02/ 1993
Birthplace: Canberra, Australia.
Current Location: Victoria.
Eye Color: blue.
Hair Color: light brown with blond highlights, slowly growing out.. (:
Height:  Tallish.
Weight: i haven't looked out of fear for about 3 months..
Lefty or Righty: Lefty
Zodiac Sign: aquirius
What Do You Drive: any of the cars my parents will let me drive, mostly the toyota.
Colour:  purple
Number: 2
Band: avenged sevenfold, the smiths, the strokes, rise agaisnt.
Music Genre: rock.
TV Show: arrested development.. and csi.
Movie: xXx, Devil wears prada, sex in the city, wanted, the punisher, heaps of films
Actor: don't have one..
Kind of Movie: action.
Cartoon: ..angry beavers. (:
Sport: running
Fast Food Restaurant: oporto and hungry jacks.
Food: banana bread. and a roast lamb
Ice Cream: chocolate.
Cereal: Weet Bix
Chocolate: Cadbury Block
Drink: Tea
Alcoholic Beverage: ii like double black wild berrys (:
Quote: "don't focus on why people don't like you, think about why people do!"
{---Do You---}
Have any siblings:  Yes two older brothers.
Have any pets: a dog. sooty.
Have a job: Nope.
Have a cellphone: yeah..
Have any special talents or skills: to find bargains ;)
Have any fears: being along at night, and spiders!
Have a bedtime: i got to sleep when im tired or its way to late for anyone but the paper delivery people to be up..
Sing in the shower: sometimes.
Want to go to college: Yeah. Not sure what i want to do yet. Hopefully Journalism. But next year i'm hoping to do graphic design at tafe.
Get along with your parents: Yes!
Have any piercings:  Ears ( first and seconds on my lobes, tragus and conch) and my belly button, and my tongue :/ 
Have any tattoos: nope.
Swear: yes....little to much.
Smoke: no.
Drink: yes.
Do Drugs: never ever.
{---Love & All That Crap---}
Ever been in love: yes
Ever cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend: no
Are you single: nope
Are you in a relationship: yes (:
Ever been dumped:  yeah.
Ever dumped someone: nope. ):
{---This or That---}
Fruit or Vegetable: vegies (:
Black or White: black.
Lights On or Lights Off: on
TV or Movie: tv.
Car or Truck: car
Cash or Check: cash
Rock or Rap: rock.
Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate.
French Toast or French Fries: fries. im a bit of a fattie.
Strawberries or Blueberries: blue.
Cookies or Muffins: cookies muffins go gross if you dip them in milk. simple as that. 
Winter Break or Spring Break: spring.
Hugs or Kisses: both. (:
{---Have You Ever---}
Danced in a public place: yeah..
Smiled for no reason: yeah,. all the time.
Laughed so hard you cried: all the time :D
Talked to someone you don't know: yeah. schoolies. when i have a job..
Drank alcohol: surely i answered that before, yes?
Done drugs: no never!
Partied 'til the sun came up: haha yes (:
Gotten a ticket: nah
Been arrested: no.
Been convicted of a crime: no.
Been in a wreck: no.
Been out of the country: new zealand.
{---Random & Silly Junk---}
Ever TP'd someone's house: no but i did someones driveway..
Ever egged someone's house: no!
How many languages do you speak: i like to think im a pro at spanish and french, but i really am horrible..
Who do you compare yourself to: i try not to, but its a habit.
Ever regret anything: i try not to, you shouldn't regret things, but something are a little hard not to, like TP-ing someones driveway ):
Do you like being tickled: no.
What are your goals: to get a  good job which i love, start saving for a house, and go to bali, spain, paris, newyork and london! (:
Are your fingers tired: no?
Are you happy: yes..

although, after doing this ridiculous quiz, i asked myself
did you just waste 15 minutes of your life on a quiz for no reason : yes, yes i did!

i get my glasses soon so there will be some dorky pictures up very soon!
i work in the races in a couple of days so i'll try get some pictures from my adventures around the tracks.

stay tuned (:

Iddy Biddy Polka Dot One Piece (:

hopefully there will e some pictures of me and some beach adventures in this remarkable one piece! i love it. its very vintage, granny like! but i love it alot! (:
what are you opinions!?

Sunday, February 20, 2011


unknowningly, i realised i'm following a current hair colour fashion!
its called ombre!... i didn't notice that i was apart of the fashion trend!
Its not because i necessarily WANT to! its just cos i can neither be bothered or can afford to recolour my hair! (:

Men. Boys. Gentlemen.. guys?

 why not try suit jacket with jeans?! it gives a classy yet casual feel! plus i love that guys stripy socks! (:

 leather jackets never fail! they always look good!
 i love this guys spotty tie with the checkered shirt! it looks amazing! those glasses are a must have! i love them and i cant wait to get myself a pair!
 skarves. i hardly see boys wearing them! i'm not sure if they're trying to tough out the cold, or because there aren't many skarves that really look good on guys! but, when you do see men pull off a skarf like the ones above, it looks pretty awesome!
 i am not sure how i feel about the whole layout of this outfit! but i really love the cardi! His hair is pretty wicked too!
 of course i had to have a picture of a man in a suit on a bike! this whole image just works! i don't know why! it just does! i love the colour of his suit too! stands out from the backround!
  i love this double breasted jacked! and the spotted skarf! i love this whole picture!

i love this picture. carefree yet stylish! (:

i don't know why i had to do a mens fashion post! but, i've noticed that every 'gent' looks good in a suit!

 seemed fit to finish the blog with a picture of tim, and his friends.. in suits ! (:
pictures taken from the The Sartorialist
last picture taken from one of Timothys friends (:


I just read on smaggle about signitures, and i thought i would join in!
i think there is nothing wrong with being a bit pridictable! alot of people are creatures of habbit, there is noothing wrong with that. means that when it comes down to it, people know what coffee, perfume, or food you like, so they can buy it with out asking, SUPRISE (:

Smaggle said, "The decisions we make that define us. You may or may not know, although you probably do because I’m so damn cocky about it, but I now drink my coffee black. This amuses Mr Smaggle endlessly and he loves ordering a long black for me. He says I’m his kooky girlfriend, with the crazy hair who drinks long blacks. It made me aware of how these tiny little decisions become character defining, especially when they turn into habits."

so i thought i would join in on the fun and tell you my "signitures"

1. Signature cafe beverage – Latte, Two sugars.
2. Signature dessert flavour – chocolate, vanilla.
3. Signature song (the one you famously cut sick to on the dance floor) –Bigger than Big
4. Signature colour – Black/Cream/White.
5. Signature bar beverage – Considering i just got into the bar scene... i don't really have one, but Wild Berry Double Blacks go alright! (:
6. Signature phrase –  I asked the person who knows me most, Laura to tell me what my signiture phrase is, her response was "you say to much random shit to have a signiture phrase"

Give it a go! (: what are your signitures? 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

night markets and fairy floss.

 yay to bad quality photos and fairy floss (:

tonight i was a bit cold so i wore this beautiful dress..
with leggings, my favorite suede booties, and a grey skarf with a leather jacket!
(: i was toasty!

Pink fairy floss is my favorite thing in the world! if i had to quote juno, which i feel like doing it's my "one and only vice"..but it isn't, i like shopping, and roast lamb, and banana bread! (: i bought nothing at the markets but food.. and i finally decided to taste some calamari.. not one of my 'vices' not one of my anythings, i don't think i like it, i like the outside, but not the rubbery texture of the calamari itself!
thats about it! (:
sorry i haven't been blogging as of late! busy with family! (: