Saturday, February 5, 2011

i blog, because i have nothing better to do with my life.

this could be some girls dream! it was my nightmare! i cut down my shoes from 55 to 48. (: successful day

when my boyfriend, tim cam down to see me from nsw, he bought a book from his childhood with him, and gave it to me, for the blog, cute huh!? (:

my shoe closet. we have my heels booties and boots on the top shelf with my jewellry box, then all my heels on the second shelf, my everyday shoes and boots and thongs, then on the last shelf, my runngers, and shoes that didn't fit the other shelves. :D above the shoe closet you'll see half my bag collection, and a vintage suitcase (:

half my clothes collections.. then there is boxs down the bottom which i put my hats, belts, purses and clutchs and scarves. then on the top shelf the rest of my bags.

my dressing table. (:

i like fairy lanterns, and thats my photo frame mum gave me for christmas. (:

a delicious jewels chest, i don't know where mum got it from, but she gave it to me! yumm!

left overs from tims visit! theres a bottle of baileys in the fridge! Good day out! (:

my yum red leather(ish?) suitcase that my nanna had once! i have it now! i love it!

candle to prevent me getting eaten by mozzies in my sleep, and my bed head! delicious yes?

these little creatures come out every night! phillip island has the biggest colony of fairy penguins in the world! they come up from the beach and into their little burrows in the ground! tim and i were able to see them! it was pretty magical. i wasn't able to take photos of the penguins as they get scared, so i took this from thanks guys! (:

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