Monday, February 21, 2011

5 minutes.

i seem to have an uncanny knack of looking dreadful in pictures.. 

 soorry once again! this is my phones fault! my camera is otherwise occupied by being crap!
this is my 5 minute crap-i'm-gonna-be-late outfit..
my dad ran into my room and said we have 5 minutes before we go out!

and this was after i went for a run, so obviously i looked disgustting and had to have a shower..
so this is what i look like when i have a shower and look in my wardrobe while smeering foundation all over my face and finish the makeup in the car.. i'm not sure how i feel about it.. but i don't care!
i wore a top i found in TS, a shop mum goes into, it was in the factory outlet so it was dirt cheap i felt as thought i was stealing it.
these are coles tights.. which i just threw out cos they had 100 holes because i used to wear them at school, and to the odd party or two.
and those are really old shoes, that are probably one of my most expensive shoes in my wardrobe. lucky because i wear them all the time!

a funny story about those shoes is i had them in my bag at schoolies, and while i was on the beach i only found one in my bag! so i was freaking out thinking i just lost my shoe! and was digging around the beach looking for them swearing at tim cos he said i could by a new pair! and almost cried.
the next night, i found it in my hotel room. needless to say i felt like a right twat digging in the beach! (:
i've learnt my lesson to never take good shoes to somewhere you could potentially lose them! (:

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