Sunday, February 20, 2011

Men. Boys. Gentlemen.. guys?

 why not try suit jacket with jeans?! it gives a classy yet casual feel! plus i love that guys stripy socks! (:

 leather jackets never fail! they always look good!
 i love this guys spotty tie with the checkered shirt! it looks amazing! those glasses are a must have! i love them and i cant wait to get myself a pair!
 skarves. i hardly see boys wearing them! i'm not sure if they're trying to tough out the cold, or because there aren't many skarves that really look good on guys! but, when you do see men pull off a skarf like the ones above, it looks pretty awesome!
 i am not sure how i feel about the whole layout of this outfit! but i really love the cardi! His hair is pretty wicked too!
 of course i had to have a picture of a man in a suit on a bike! this whole image just works! i don't know why! it just does! i love the colour of his suit too! stands out from the backround!
  i love this double breasted jacked! and the spotted skarf! i love this whole picture!

i love this picture. carefree yet stylish! (:

i don't know why i had to do a mens fashion post! but, i've noticed that every 'gent' looks good in a suit!

 seemed fit to finish the blog with a picture of tim, and his friends.. in suits ! (:
pictures taken from the The Sartorialist
last picture taken from one of Timothys friends (:

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