Thursday, December 30, 2010


hope everyone is enjoyingm or enjoyed their new years festivities! 
just thought i would remind you, tomorrow is the last time you will hear from me! 
but keep checkin up on this site, because its going ' visual' for the whole of january! (: 
i would like to share my adventures with everyone! (: 

happy new year! 
get messy (:

beautiful, in every possible way!

listen to it, love it. 
i know you will.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

i like..

- late morning wake ups (: sleep ins are the best
- banana smoothies for breakfast
- messages when you wake up.. i might add, i didn't actually get any messages this morning.. but i still like it!
- freshly painted nails
- the feeling you get after you buy new pairs of shoes.. or clothes (:
- the cleaan feeling after you had a loong shower!
- new songs on the ipod!

its the simple things in life you'll always remember (:


i've just got introuble on youtube, for saying i didn't like a song. i got called a tool and a dumb ass critic. 
which made me think, its pretty ridiculous, i mean yeah i've gotten a bit shocked when people didn't like a song i loved, but to pubically go out and write a directed abusive message on youtube is taking it a bit far, my critism was directed to the particular song not the people who listen to it! 
so why get so cranky?

i am entitled to my opinions! and i am allowed to say that i like, or in this case do not like a particular video or song! others do it.. why can't i? 

which made me think..
is there a time you got introuble for something so ridiculous it didn't make sense? 
or been 'told off' about something so crazy? 

lets whinge! 

Please Santa!

Next year. Drop these into my stockings!

Dior Patent Open-toed pumps. 11 cms..

yeah. some zimmermann swimmers would be quite lovely (:

thanks santa i'll be good!


i have an idea, it might not be a good one.. but give me a break.. this is the first half decent idea i've had since... never mind.. 

starting the 1st Jan 2011. 
this blog is going visual.. for a month as a trial.. i don't know how long my fingers can keep off the keyboard! (: 

lets see how this goes. (: 

check out these blogs, they've had me since i first typed in their urls. 
and i am mind blown at their creativity.

Monday, December 27, 2010


"we're all strange there is no doubt about it,
though as we get older,
we become better at hiding our strangeness"

Christmas Spirit.

A very late. Overdue. and maybe not anticipated
 How was your christmas adventures.? I spent the day at my brothers, getting stuffed on delicious food, and the naughty glass or 2.. of champagne..
The whole day i felt like a child, christmas brings out the kid in everyone i suppose.

i hope you all had a wonderful christmas.
i recently moved yet again.. the house is alright.. wardrobe as awesome. i have plenty of room.. its just in the middle of nowhere.
it took me so long to say good bye to my loved ones in NSW, and took me an hour or more to say goodbye to my amazing boyfriend.

you really don't realise how much people mean to you, even the people you hardly talk to, until you leave. i miss everyone from school, my old job and the random kids around town.
hope you all are doing alright. had an awesome christmas and have a messy new years ;)

Saturday, December 18, 2010


lazy sundays calls for DVDs, cuddles and excessive ammounts of time listening to one song.

listen to it.

"its like the moment compared to staring at pictures of it''

have a good weekend (: