Monday, February 28, 2011

bat wings and glitter.

 i really need to get my camera fixed.
today i went down to the shops.
and yes i wore this.
i seem to want to get more dressed up for random things now. its quite puzzling.
the dress is a 10 dollar dress that i bought at a factory outlet, and i love it.
it had batwing sleeves its delicious! i love the pattern too! (:
the necklace below is one that i stole off mum that i plan on returning cos its special to her and if i lose it... lets just say i doubt i would be blogging ever again! (:

  i love these shoes, they're so comfy!

 last night out of pure boredom and a childish mood,. i painting my nails silver glitter. i really love it cos it reflects the light! (:

i apologise for my mainly hands. but i doubt many males would wear this yum nail polish! stolen also off mum!
this however was returned (:

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