Thursday, February 10, 2011

Big W

while i was sitting outside big w today waiting for my parents to come out. a lady sat next to me, she smelt rather rank! but thats not the story!
while she sat with me, a another old lady ran out of the store and the person who stands by the door and checks your bags asked to check it on her way out.... but she ignored him and instead kept running, or in her case swiftly walking, the bag checker asked again but she kept walking...

i laughed a little bit about how fast this little lady could walk! then i heard the smelly lady say " good on her, its wrong to check your bags you know! it should be illegal! there is nothing to say they have the right to check them" and i was sitting there confused.. her rant went on for a while. until her smellyness got to me and i just said 'actually if you look at the sign next to the door, it says its a condition of entry for them to check your bag as you leave the store, so they do actually have the right"
Smelly lady got cranky and gave me the biggest eviliest eyes you could!
i walked away in the end, but as i walked by again i could feel her evil angry eyes staring at me!

  i actually like elderly people when they're kind and wash themselves. but not this one, plus her son kept looking at me!

 that was todays adventures! (:

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