Sunday, February 13, 2011


18 Glass, Sash my brother and Raquel
18 Pandora Charm from My brother and Raquel.

Delicious vintage leather jacket from mummy.

Pink and Green Silk Woven Skarf Mum and Dad

Snow Globe with Tim and I on it. from My brother Daniel and Johanna.

HA! I love this show. Dan and Jo!

Ma gave me this, for my design.

Bling Frames. Jo and Daniel.

Hahaha I laughed pretty hard when i saw this! Jo and Daniel

My oh My! Estee Lauder Beauty Kit! Jo and Daniel

Lacome Beauty Kit! From Jo and Daniel

there is a couple more pressies on the way!
i also got Sex in the City the movie! i love it! watched it straight away!

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