Wednesday, February 9, 2011


yeear 10, fake extension hair things. horrible choice. i don't remember the brands of the clothes i wore.. (:
probably not the best choice i would have made.. lol

tim and i, tims wearing a roger david suit! (: its amazing i love it!
i'm wearing a sheike black floor length chiffon dress with satan bodice. i love it to bits
and a crystle necklace lent by mummy!
this is for tims formal! (: it was on a boat, and i had to do hair and makeup myself!

my formal. blue juice dress given to me by my cousin! thanks jen!
payless shoes, cheapo me! with a diva neckalce.. once again i did my hair and makeup (:
tim didn't come this time! mum made the chiffon shawl! (:

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