Friday, March 18, 2011

Question And Answer

I want to know something. So im gonna do a non-scientifically proven quiz!
i wanna know if im the only person who feels this way when i put on shoes. my whole attitude changes and i feel more comfortable, sexy, edgy so on.
so i wanna ask you to fill this form out!

what do you feel when you put on a pair of...
high heels..
ballet flats..
flat ankle boots..
heeled booties..
military boots..
haviana thongs..
converse/vans/runners etc..
normal/thigh high boots..

if you have more pairs of shoes to add onto this quiz add them on when you comment! or if you don't own any of the pairs.. just skip it out..

i'll fill it out right now..

what do you feel when you put on a pair of...
high heels.. sexy and ontop of the world.
ballet flats.. cute and girly and comfortable
wedges.. casual, boho feeling.
flat ankle boots.. ( i don't own a pair of flat ones)
heeled booties.. classy yet edgy.
military boots.. edgy! "i don't get a ****" attitude.
haviana thongs.. lazy, casual, beachin'.
converse/vans/runners etc.. boyfriend jeans day, lazy comfortable day. little bit edgy, or sweaty from a run.
sandles.. cute, summery and casual
normal/thigh high boots.. sexy.

what do you feel?
am i going crazy, do you feel the same or are you different?


new boots. 20 bucks from target.
new jacket. 10 bucks from cotton on.
miss shop singlet dress.
tights, from coooles...
and ring.. some awesome place ;)
i loooove it..

and tim got me the elephant necklace for my birthday (:
wwhat you think?

i spend the secondd half of today chillin out watching 'community' deffo a new fave tv show.
awkward but mildly hilarious!


Today, I went to apply for a job i saw advertised. i walked in there and was happy because i thought yeah this looks alright.
No. the owner came out and didn't even look at my resume, looked me up and down and said i want someone with more retail experience..
not fashion retail just retail, if she said fashion retail yeah i wouldn't care to much cos its true.. she just said "RETAIL!"
Listen lady! I've been working in family businesses since i was 8 years old, im now 18, which means i've had 10 freakin' years experience in retail! if you bothered to look at the whole of my resume you would have freaking well seen it!
but no, you didn't. just because i look younger, my hair isn't in the best condition, and i haven't straightened it or pulled it off my face does not mean im a crappy sales person, i just jumped off the tram 100 stops to early to apply at your freakin shop.

Another thing, the next guy to decide to get unnessesarily close to me on a tram or shove their crutch in my face when there is no need to turn! i will break a window and throw you out of a moving tram! really! i'm 18 and you're obviously over 40. give it up!

Lastly. Sri Lankin food is amazing. get some! (:

outfit post late on today! i'm to cranky!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunday, March 13, 2011


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Saturday, March 12, 2011


Ask Me A Question! (:

My parents left for their holiday the other day! I miss them already and I'm bored! So go on! It can be about anything!

Friday, March 11, 2011


If anyone livved in or near the melbourne area. I'm having a stall in Cowes. which it two hours away from melbourne in phillip island!
 I'm selling my old clothes and books and such so pop down and say Hey (:

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Goodbye Dinner With Parents

 mum dad and i went to dinner to say goodbye and good lucks cos they're departing on thursday!

i wore glassons black dress.
shoes from Famous Footwear.
Equipt Clutch.

I am not photogenic so i apologise for the images. (: and my camera is still broken!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

laura, and thift shops.

 this is my outfit for today, my new dotti dress i got from a thift shop. i wore it with my booties today.
these are tights i got from COLES because the target ones kept falling down and it was really unattractive me rearranging myself to get comfortable.. to do the same thing 4 minutes lateer..

today i went to a town which has the best thrift shops that i could ever find! and they aren't in melbourne, though those are brilliant too!
today i bought, a camel coloured jacket, looks a bit like a trench but not..
a fur trimmed jacket. its fauq fur for all the animal activists. i will not buy real fur!
an awesome leather belt with metal strips.. i can't explain it but its cool
and a cute Jendi bag.. it was 2 bucks and i couldn't walk past it! i will try and get some pictures up soon! 
 you can see a little glimse of my beautiful new locket my best friend laura got me for my 18th that i received today! i love it.
this is a closer look of the dress, the locket, my slip, and my chest. i really didn't think this picture through. but here you go!

 this is the inside of the beautiful locket! its laura and i just mucking round with a camera! (:
i miss her dearly!
this is a very horrible quality photo of the back of the locket. its a heart with 18.. cos i turned that age this year (:
and this is the front!
i love this present so much!
thank you laura! i love you! i miss you! and i hope i can come see you soon!

present for mum for her cruise

my mother is going on a cruise with my dad, they're going to spain and cuba and america, and all sorts of wonderful places.
i was mean to her at first when i found out about it
and i apologise mummy! i was just jealous!

i made this necklace for her to go with the fabric that it is sitting on!

it has, turquise, lapas, amethyst, amber ( two colours ) coral, and lots of other semi precious stones!
its a 5 strand necklace and has a massive silver parrot clasp at the top! it took me a while to make it! but it was worth it to see mums face when she saw it!

do you think it goes with the backing fabric? (:

i love it, cos its so true.

"women dress alike all over the world: they dress to be annoying to other women" 
Elsa Schalparelli

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


there is no colour clash in nature.

my aunty told me this one, and i later read it in a book, this is so so true. mother nature works colours so well, there is no colour clash in anything, she mixs greens and yellows, reds and greens, purples and yellows, pinks and reds. its amazing! these colours are so vivid and bright. i doubt you can find someone who makes these colours work as well as she does.

peacock feathers are amazing, i have some and if you twist it, in the right light, you will see beautiful colours like pink and purples and silvers on the feathers! i looove peacocks.

while i didn't give a special little appreciation and put the link that i got these beautiful pictures from, i apologise, i do not own these images, i still would like to give a thanks to all of you for these amazing pictures and im sorry i didn't put the link up! 

we all know, that butterflies have the most amazing colour pallete of all! 

once again i would like to thank to people who got upclose and personal with nature and took these amazing photos. 
if you know who took these, or the site i stole them off, then please place a comment so they get the appreciation they deserve! (: