Sunday, February 13, 2011


like i said, my camera broke so unfortunatly there is no photos showing you of the party celebrations!
So i should tell you, for lunch we had cold meats, like ham, smoked chicken, precuitto.. ( i am not sure how to spell it but its delicious ) and salami and heaps of delicious meaty things. we had olives, bell peppers stuffed with fetta, cheese platter, grilled marinated capsicum and lots of antipesto goodness! it was a feast fit for a princess! (:

dinner we stayed in and mum made a delicious meal of different marinated hot meats, and salads, we had so much delicious food. and so many bottles of alcoholic beverages... we finally cracked open a bottle of 18 year old port.. but we'll get to that later.
after dinner i put on my year 12 formal dress and some booties and headed for the pub! where i got my first drink! i am not sure what it was called cos i just 'asked' the 'cocktail guru' to make me something delicious! by ask i mean the barman and my family were making me say it but i was embarrassed and we were getting an audience... i consumed the cocktail and a one or two glasses of wine. at this point i was feeling pretty awesome!

we then headed off to infused a chill bar where i got another cocktail! it was sooo sweet! it tasted like willy wonka gobstoppers.. it was a Apple and Guava Cosmo.. i got so sick of the taste i ended up downing the rest.. i had a bit of wine and then was forced to take a shot of tequila, this is terrible! worst!

we then went home cos awaiting us all, by us all i mean my mother father, brothers and their lovely girlfriends, was a white chocolate raspberry cheese cake and a cream caramel! we opened the port and the drinking commenced, again.

i then went to bed, where i had to sleep in a canopy bed little over half a metre from the roof, so bumping your head on the way up wasn't unusual..
waking up was puzzling as i woke up at 7.00am... and tried to figure out how to get down for the next 1 and a half hours.. i hit my head a couple of times more.. but got down semi.. safe..
who ever decided to put me up there on my 18th. will get spoken too!

happy valentines everyone! (:

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