Thursday, February 10, 2011

eye appointment.

today. i was woken up at 9 oclock by a phone call with a job interview.. so today started off well..
until i was taken to spec savers where i had to undergo tests to see which glasses i neeed...or if i would actually need them

and i do... i got two pairs. pictures will be up soon! (:

i had to chuck on something quickly.. so i stuck by what i knew, high waisted skirt, and booties, always works.

turned out something like this...

tokito skirt, old top, and target suede booties.

i found this picture and it made me giggle at little bit, as it was taken in myers. jay and i were mucking round with hats, having a jolly old time, when one of the ladies who worked in that area, came over to tell, or yell at us that we weren't allowed to take photos in the store! we ignored her, and kept playing around.. as we left, i saw her give us dirty stares!

yumm, look at my black hair!
this was formal shopping in bondi junction if i remember clearly! (: i kinda wish i bought that hat! (:

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