Sunday, February 27, 2011

28th Feb 2011.

  my lunch.. lamb slovaki pizza and pepperoni pizza (: YES!
 today, i woke up, had breakfast and did some bits and bobs around my rooms, before driving to salvos for a well deserved opshop! (: when my parents joined me i had half the store in my arms with a grin on my face. i left with a dress 2 slips a pair of silky shorts and a blazer. (:
my mum bought this amazing skirt and jacket set, the jacket fits me perfect but i think she's gonna keep it all to herself! ):
i wore a ts cardigan, my aunty lisa wanted it..
a grey country road top which i got from a magazine, yay for freebies..
Jay Jays black pants (:
and naughty monkey oxfords, which i got for 5 bucks! Bargain!

 oh, and i got glasses now.. i probably should take a better photo, but i'll put it up when i take a decent on of myself...
yeah and im sure you've noticed my camera is still unavaliable.. 

annnd this is what i woke up to this morning! staring at me. like that. it was quite scary!

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