Monday, February 21, 2011


my friend convinced me to do this quiz post thing, since i did my signitures i thought why not?
and since i am going nowhere today and i won't have a outfit post for a while.
here you go, there is something better, you get to know about me!

Name:  Isabella
Nickname(s): izzie
Age: eighteen.
Birthday: 13 / 02/ 1993
Birthplace: Canberra, Australia.
Current Location: Victoria.
Eye Color: blue.
Hair Color: light brown with blond highlights, slowly growing out.. (:
Height:  Tallish.
Weight: i haven't looked out of fear for about 3 months..
Lefty or Righty: Lefty
Zodiac Sign: aquirius
What Do You Drive: any of the cars my parents will let me drive, mostly the toyota.
Colour:  purple
Number: 2
Band: avenged sevenfold, the smiths, the strokes, rise agaisnt.
Music Genre: rock.
TV Show: arrested development.. and csi.
Movie: xXx, Devil wears prada, sex in the city, wanted, the punisher, heaps of films
Actor: don't have one..
Kind of Movie: action.
Cartoon: ..angry beavers. (:
Sport: running
Fast Food Restaurant: oporto and hungry jacks.
Food: banana bread. and a roast lamb
Ice Cream: chocolate.
Cereal: Weet Bix
Chocolate: Cadbury Block
Drink: Tea
Alcoholic Beverage: ii like double black wild berrys (:
Quote: "don't focus on why people don't like you, think about why people do!"
{---Do You---}
Have any siblings:  Yes two older brothers.
Have any pets: a dog. sooty.
Have a job: Nope.
Have a cellphone: yeah..
Have any special talents or skills: to find bargains ;)
Have any fears: being along at night, and spiders!
Have a bedtime: i got to sleep when im tired or its way to late for anyone but the paper delivery people to be up..
Sing in the shower: sometimes.
Want to go to college: Yeah. Not sure what i want to do yet. Hopefully Journalism. But next year i'm hoping to do graphic design at tafe.
Get along with your parents: Yes!
Have any piercings:  Ears ( first and seconds on my lobes, tragus and conch) and my belly button, and my tongue :/ 
Have any tattoos: nope.
Swear: yes....little to much.
Smoke: no.
Drink: yes.
Do Drugs: never ever.
{---Love & All That Crap---}
Ever been in love: yes
Ever cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend: no
Are you single: nope
Are you in a relationship: yes (:
Ever been dumped:  yeah.
Ever dumped someone: nope. ):
{---This or That---}
Fruit or Vegetable: vegies (:
Black or White: black.
Lights On or Lights Off: on
TV or Movie: tv.
Car or Truck: car
Cash or Check: cash
Rock or Rap: rock.
Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate.
French Toast or French Fries: fries. im a bit of a fattie.
Strawberries or Blueberries: blue.
Cookies or Muffins: cookies muffins go gross if you dip them in milk. simple as that. 
Winter Break or Spring Break: spring.
Hugs or Kisses: both. (:
{---Have You Ever---}
Danced in a public place: yeah..
Smiled for no reason: yeah,. all the time.
Laughed so hard you cried: all the time :D
Talked to someone you don't know: yeah. schoolies. when i have a job..
Drank alcohol: surely i answered that before, yes?
Done drugs: no never!
Partied 'til the sun came up: haha yes (:
Gotten a ticket: nah
Been arrested: no.
Been convicted of a crime: no.
Been in a wreck: no.
Been out of the country: new zealand.
{---Random & Silly Junk---}
Ever TP'd someone's house: no but i did someones driveway..
Ever egged someone's house: no!
How many languages do you speak: i like to think im a pro at spanish and french, but i really am horrible..
Who do you compare yourself to: i try not to, but its a habit.
Ever regret anything: i try not to, you shouldn't regret things, but something are a little hard not to, like TP-ing someones driveway ):
Do you like being tickled: no.
What are your goals: to get a  good job which i love, start saving for a house, and go to bali, spain, paris, newyork and london! (:
Are your fingers tired: no?
Are you happy: yes..

although, after doing this ridiculous quiz, i asked myself
did you just waste 15 minutes of your life on a quiz for no reason : yes, yes i did!

i get my glasses soon so there will be some dorky pictures up very soon!
i work in the races in a couple of days so i'll try get some pictures from my adventures around the tracks.

stay tuned (:

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