Friday, March 18, 2011


Today, I went to apply for a job i saw advertised. i walked in there and was happy because i thought yeah this looks alright.
No. the owner came out and didn't even look at my resume, looked me up and down and said i want someone with more retail experience..
not fashion retail just retail, if she said fashion retail yeah i wouldn't care to much cos its true.. she just said "RETAIL!"
Listen lady! I've been working in family businesses since i was 8 years old, im now 18, which means i've had 10 freakin' years experience in retail! if you bothered to look at the whole of my resume you would have freaking well seen it!
but no, you didn't. just because i look younger, my hair isn't in the best condition, and i haven't straightened it or pulled it off my face does not mean im a crappy sales person, i just jumped off the tram 100 stops to early to apply at your freakin shop.

Another thing, the next guy to decide to get unnessesarily close to me on a tram or shove their crutch in my face when there is no need to turn! i will break a window and throw you out of a moving tram! really! i'm 18 and you're obviously over 40. give it up!

Lastly. Sri Lankin food is amazing. get some! (:

outfit post late on today! i'm to cranky!

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