Wednesday, March 2, 2011


there is no colour clash in nature.

my aunty told me this one, and i later read it in a book, this is so so true. mother nature works colours so well, there is no colour clash in anything, she mixs greens and yellows, reds and greens, purples and yellows, pinks and reds. its amazing! these colours are so vivid and bright. i doubt you can find someone who makes these colours work as well as she does.

peacock feathers are amazing, i have some and if you twist it, in the right light, you will see beautiful colours like pink and purples and silvers on the feathers! i looove peacocks.

while i didn't give a special little appreciation and put the link that i got these beautiful pictures from, i apologise, i do not own these images, i still would like to give a thanks to all of you for these amazing pictures and im sorry i didn't put the link up! 

we all know, that butterflies have the most amazing colour pallete of all! 

once again i would like to thank to people who got upclose and personal with nature and took these amazing photos. 
if you know who took these, or the site i stole them off, then please place a comment so they get the appreciation they deserve! (: 

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