Thursday, March 3, 2011

laura, and thift shops.

 this is my outfit for today, my new dotti dress i got from a thift shop. i wore it with my booties today.
these are tights i got from COLES because the target ones kept falling down and it was really unattractive me rearranging myself to get comfortable.. to do the same thing 4 minutes lateer..

today i went to a town which has the best thrift shops that i could ever find! and they aren't in melbourne, though those are brilliant too!
today i bought, a camel coloured jacket, looks a bit like a trench but not..
a fur trimmed jacket. its fauq fur for all the animal activists. i will not buy real fur!
an awesome leather belt with metal strips.. i can't explain it but its cool
and a cute Jendi bag.. it was 2 bucks and i couldn't walk past it! i will try and get some pictures up soon! 
 you can see a little glimse of my beautiful new locket my best friend laura got me for my 18th that i received today! i love it.
this is a closer look of the dress, the locket, my slip, and my chest. i really didn't think this picture through. but here you go!

 this is the inside of the beautiful locket! its laura and i just mucking round with a camera! (:
i miss her dearly!
this is a very horrible quality photo of the back of the locket. its a heart with 18.. cos i turned that age this year (:
and this is the front!
i love this present so much!
thank you laura! i love you! i miss you! and i hope i can come see you soon!

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