Friday, March 18, 2011

Question And Answer

I want to know something. So im gonna do a non-scientifically proven quiz!
i wanna know if im the only person who feels this way when i put on shoes. my whole attitude changes and i feel more comfortable, sexy, edgy so on.
so i wanna ask you to fill this form out!

what do you feel when you put on a pair of...
high heels..
ballet flats..
flat ankle boots..
heeled booties..
military boots..
haviana thongs..
converse/vans/runners etc..
normal/thigh high boots..

if you have more pairs of shoes to add onto this quiz add them on when you comment! or if you don't own any of the pairs.. just skip it out..

i'll fill it out right now..

what do you feel when you put on a pair of...
high heels.. sexy and ontop of the world.
ballet flats.. cute and girly and comfortable
wedges.. casual, boho feeling.
flat ankle boots.. ( i don't own a pair of flat ones)
heeled booties.. classy yet edgy.
military boots.. edgy! "i don't get a ****" attitude.
haviana thongs.. lazy, casual, beachin'.
converse/vans/runners etc.. boyfriend jeans day, lazy comfortable day. little bit edgy, or sweaty from a run.
sandles.. cute, summery and casual
normal/thigh high boots.. sexy.

what do you feel?
am i going crazy, do you feel the same or are you different?