Sunday, January 23, 2011

shopping spree!

there was a little market in the middle of the road in melbourne. i bought this pretty dress for $8. bargain!

i couldn't look past this beauty! (: she's vintage and cost me $12.

this top.. its from valley girl. nothing special.. but it cos 7 bucks! scoore.

i fell inlove with it. it feels so silky! it cost me $20. not bad! i love them.

these cost me $10 NEW! yes really.. famous footwear i love you!

these cost my parents about 10 bucks too! (: love.

$8 at an opshop, they haven't even been worn! i had to get them!

finally, my beloved ankle boots. these cost me  and my parents $30 and i love them! to bits! 

i love the detail in the boots they're amazing.
all the heels are so comfortable it's lovely!
i think my shopping days are over for a while. (:

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