Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Does age mean you'll have a lasting relationship?

If not, why do I have people coming up to me saying my "relationship" is cute, but will not last?
Is there something about being 18 mean that any relationship you have will not last beyond a year?

I have friends who have been with their boyfriends for over 2 years.
and when I was 16, my friend was about to celebrate her 4 year! Keeping in mind then, the guy was a douche and turned out to be not to faithful! Needless to say I hate him.

Tell me this, does a lack of prior relationships, experience and sex make it less likely for a relationship between the ages of 15-20 to last?

I moved away December 2010 to Melbourne. A good 9-12 hours drive from my boyfriend, we'd only been together for about 3 months! I moved to Sydney in June 2011 to be with him.. We've been together for about 10 months!? I was away for 6? So what about my relationship says "you will not work" because we're trying out hardest to work!

To be honest, I'm just sick of adults ( over 21 ) to say that my relationship is BENEATH theirs, that it doesn't mean anything or it will not work! Maybe your relationships didn't work in the past because you thought it didn't mean anything?

Timothy is my boyfriend, he's also my best friend, we've been bestfriends a while longer then we've been together. We've done some stupid stuff together during this time! I moved to be with him because he makes me happy, he makes me laugh like no-one can and at the sam e time he makes me want to tackle him because he's an idiot. It's safe to say that I love that boy!?

So tell me ladies, or gents, why won't we work?

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