Tuesday, December 28, 2010


i've just got introuble on youtube, for saying i didn't like a song. i got called a tool and a dumb ass critic. 
which made me think, its pretty ridiculous, i mean yeah i've gotten a bit shocked when people didn't like a song i loved, but to pubically go out and write a directed abusive message on youtube is taking it a bit far, my critism was directed to the particular song not the people who listen to it! 
so why get so cranky?

i am entitled to my opinions! and i am allowed to say that i like, or in this case do not like a particular video or song! others do it.. why can't i? 

which made me think..
is there a time you got introuble for something so ridiculous it didn't make sense? 
or been 'told off' about something so crazy? 

lets whinge! 


  1. out of sheer curiosity what song was it? axo

  2. Sleigh Bells - Infinity Guitars

    not a fan.